"Sydney's Equus work provides a framework that helps her clients better understand themselves and address the challenges created through the stories we tell ourselves. In just one session with her and Paco, I began to unravel blockages that had seemed insurmountable. I felt more in touch with myself, more connected to my power, and more in sync with the world around me. I've taken what I've learned in the round pen with me into work, life, and riding, and have grown because of it. I am very thankful to Syd for offering such healing and constructive work." 

MJ | Scottsdale, AZ

"I have loved horses all my life. Through the Equss sessions with Syd however, I got to see them in a different light, in their presence, and their beauty. The horses were like a mirror into my soul. With the help of Syd and her horses, I could identify some of my core patterns in relationships, and bring healing into the wounded places. The horse hugs are my favorite part! I would leave each session heart-filled with gentleness and joy. If you have never had an Equus session, you are in for a treat of body, mind, and soul. Get ready to be your beautiful self!"

Katja | San Anselmo, CA

"My time with Syd as a coach was so revealing on many levels. Chaperoned through the journey I felt safe and inspired. Moments of ”I don’t know” became “aha” moments. And applying what I learned in my day to day life has been a gift. She has a talent and I’m grateful I experienced it in the time we worked together."

Rebecca Miller | Bozeman, MT

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