About Syd

Sydney is a trainer, Equus coach, and former competitive show rider. 


She works in Nicasio, CA, where she exercises horses, teaches lessons, works with horses that have been severely traumatized or given up on, and facilitates Equus coaching. She believes in deepening the communication between horse and rider, and that horses speak a unique language we must be willing to learn.

Growing up, “Syd” was drawn to animals for their safety, their connection, and the grounded peace within themselves.  As a child who felt an extreme amount of fear, horses were always there to offer sturdy support and relief to the stress and chaos the humans around her were operating in.


Syd competed in Hunter/Jumper as a young girl through her teen years, yet she felt a disconnect between what we as humans were “needing” from the horse, and what the deeper, truer connection actually was. When she turned 16 and her trainer asked her to sell her horse to get one that would jump bigger, Syd refused. She quit showing, took her horse’s shoes off and begun a path of learning from these four-legged teachers. 

As a trainer, Syd started working with “difficult” horses that had issues such as bucking, biting, and bolting. And, in this process, was able to see through this connection– reflected in the horse– the misunderstood child inside herself that she was neglecting. Once she was able to work with horses from this place of vulnerability and connectivity, the relationships became mutually healing. 


Always seeking to learn from the horse, Syd has found her true passion as an Equus coach. She earned her certification from the Koelle Institute and is enrolled in the Master Facilitator training to take the knowledge and practice to an even deeper level. 

Syd is in awe of the journey that has unfolded and believes it is only the beginning of her service to horses, humans, and connecting us all through the nature of the world.

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