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Private Coaching Services


1 on 1 Zoom or Phone Sessions:

Clients will gain:

  • Acceptance

  • Communication

  • Courage

  • Empathy

  • Personal responsibility

  • Joy

  • Forgiveness

  • Self Respect

  • Courage

  • Self Control

  • Confidence

Just like the horse, humans are hard wired for connection and hyper sensitive to their environments and surroundings. When we do not have the ability to be with the horse one on one we support sessions that connect us to our own internal horse... our bodies.


Phone and Zoom life coaching sessions give the ability to deep dive into some of the patterns of behavior that are impacting your life, question why and where they stem from, and create a new opportunity for growth, healing and goals. Clients gain a healthier awareness of self, coping skills, communication tools and responses, applying boundaries, and creating or rebuilding trust.


Clients will gain insight into:

Feelings - how they are useful tools to guide us back to a balanced state within ourselves and connect us to our needs/desires. 


Communication skills - Clients will learn to separate from others and take ownership of themselves so that they can gain awareness on where they may be projecting, or creating limiting beliefs connected to past experiences or trauma. 


Boundaries - Gain awareness into why and how you create boundaries with yourself and others. Notice and gain information on what holds you back, or why you escalate to aggression, what stories you tell yourself around self worth and how boundaries are at play.


Trust - Clients will gain spiritual tools connecting us to our intuition and interconnectedness to all. There is a deep rooted trust that arises when you understand that there is a co-creation at play in everything that you do. Allowing the world to just unfold with acceptance and grace.

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Private Equus Coaching: 

During your private coaching session you will have space and time to:

  • To track and connect on a deeper level to yourself and nature.

  • You will experience Meditation/Spiritual tools to balance and clear your energy centers.

  •  Practice using your intuition and internal knowing/guidance.

  • Experience the power of Equus coaching.

  •  Mind-Body toolkit to create a deeper relationship of embodiment. 

  • Experience different activities using the horse to reflect on a deeper level of our attachment tendencies and where we get stuck.

  • Follow up phone call as we integrate back into society. 


This one on one work illuminates your non verbal communication patterns and connects you to your deepest desires. Through working with your Equine guide and facilitator you will experience a harmonious connection between mind, body and spirit. The platform to explore and create is yours, you get to guide the session and interact from an expansive heart space of what feels good to you. You will gain clear vision of how you lead and communicate in your relationships and walk away with profound awareness and practice in your daily life. Horses reflect the truth of how you are communicating energetically and in your body language. This clear, gentle, loving and compassionate mirror provides a guide back to your interior knowing and power. 

(60-90 minute session) 

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