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Couples Coaching Services


1 on 1 Zoom or Phone Sessions:

Couples Equus Coaching supports:

  • Clarifying your wants and needs in the relationship

  • Observing where you are now 

  • Reviewing and creating options and experiencing numerous outcomes

  • Clarity on Boundaries with yourself and others

  • Playful environment to experience your thought patterning

  • Connection to your body and the present moment

  • Celebrating all successes along the way! 

The quality of our relationships will determine the quality of our lives. If you have great boundaries you will have an amazing life! Boundaries preserve your wholeness and they draw a circle around who you are, without them there can be feelings of resentment, anger, frustration, loneliness, and disconnect with our loved ones.


Society has supported an idea that you need to be SAVED by some Prince Charming, or you get together and stay together forever, or love is like a light switch. Keeps us always searching for something that does not really exist. There is no other way to do a relationship without looking inward, taking ownership of how you are influencing your reality and what ideas or beliefs that get in the way of clear co-creation with others.


When you start looking at relationships as invitations to HEALING then you change the whole perspective and can be in that state of curiosity, newness, and true acceptance. Starting to discover our attachment styles and how we get caught in behavior from our past is the doorway to breathing life back into connection. Horses have a direct, compassionate way of modeling our patterning in relationships and give us loving feedback into how we are creating, or holding back from our birthright of a peaceful existence! 

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