When we see horses as powerful teachers full of wisdom, we are able to work with them to heal from within.

What is Equus Coaching?

At its core, Equus Coaching is a therapeutic experience that provides clarity on your inner state and how it influences relationships around you. It illuminates your innate strength and reveals where you may be challenged, which in turn allows you to make choices about where you’d like to see change and refine your authentic communication style.


In energetic and physical communication with your horse partner, guided by your Equus coach, the experience allows you to recognize and shift the internal dialogue you have within yourself, coming back into your body and experiencing the world outside of you in a new light. It provides a platform for profound transformation, allowing the clarity and space to discover and unravel the true essence of whom you are, while also providing a connection to nature and the mystical. 


Why do we use horses?

In working with horses, we connect with nature to help access a new space within ourselves. As humans we have a desperate need for connection, love, and belonging; yet, human relationships and societal pressures have resulted in trauma for most people. We often do not feel safe to be our whole, true self in our relationships with other humans and this can manifest into shame and fear of connection with the outer world.

Horses example acceptance within themselves, honoring their needs and desires with clear communication and boundaries. Horses will always be present and show up authentically. They have a deep sense of the environment around them and are able to read and react to us at an energetic level. With this, they mirror back to us– with a pure, nonjudgmental, loving heart space– how the stories we tell ourselves impact us physically and emotionally, and how our body language and the energy we put out influences the world around us. 


Horses Heal: The Listening + Releasing Expectations with Sydney Condrashoff

on The Kelli Show


"My experience with Syd was life-changing. I have always struggled with horses and felt very nervous about going in. She guided me in a completely open and gentle way. I could not have hoped for a better experience being reintroduced to these beings. 

The session was out of this world. We worked on a limiting belief and the instant response from Diamond left me completely in awe of her coaching and her incredible horse. I will never look at a horse the same way. They are miracle workers and she is the perfect companion to them."

Alexa Denton | Windsor, CA

"I had a wonderful experience with my Equus coaching session with Syd.  I loved connecting and relating to her horse, Cas.  First Syd gave me an education about the horse and a little how they work--very interesting.  I really appreciated Syd’s guidance in the process, first starting with questioning me about my intention and helping me connect to the feelings in my body about my intentions and the deeper feelings it revealed.  Cas seemed to respond when I was open and honest with my feelings.  A wonderful lesson in allowing the expression of feelings that I may have trapped in my body before.  Was a powerful experience – gave me positive insight into myself. 

Syd is a natural for this type of work, the Equus coaching – her insight and knowledge of interpersonal stuff and her innate wisdom about the horse made it very comfortable for me."

Sherry Langbein | Palo Alto, CA

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